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A Taste Of Heaven On Earth

Greetings, You are Invited!
The Tasting Partea has landed in Key West for our grand launching celebration!
The Tasting Partea is ‘Taste Of Heaven On Earth’ as we are the first independent woman-owned community brand empowering & inspiring the youth and women to reach their greatest potential thru career & collaborative opportunities for a great cause. 
We holistically support Creators, Circus Acts, Models, Actresses, Performers, Business Owners, Entertainers, Instructors, Dancers, Food Artists, etc.As we are merging the worlds of Art, Fashion, Entertainment, Personal Development, Hospitality, Tourism, Wellness, and Mindfulness. We are now exclusively accepting New Members, Vip Partnerships, Sponsors, Vendors, Students, Investors, and Ambassadors! 
As a part of our launch party and celebration we are privately hosting a wide range of Talent Showcases, Activities, Workshops, Private Tours, Travel Experiences, Retreats, Wellness Events, and more!
Our mission: Contributing to the evolution of the next generations of innovators and assisting them in any way as they are obtaining their dreams, goals, and aspirations in every area of life with confidence. 
We have high hopes & wishes to create a safe, community support system & diverse networking career opportunities. 
We chose to contribute to the planet in a extraordinary way and build more conscious social, and human connections through business. 

Special features :● We offer Relaxation Therapy (To all workspaces, business owners, & qualified clients). ● We now offer a Work, Play, & Wellness Travel program● We offer Barter & Trade services (eco-options).
As we are traveling & touring our way back to our homeland Africa, we are preparing to launch our first Sanctuary Space & Academy! 
Thank you for joining our community and being a part of our mission that will empower, inspire, uplift, and help many during these times by creating transformative experiences altogether! 

We wish to raise our proceeds higher to exclusively creating sanctuary of natural health resources, creating more jobs in different communities, providing job placement, provide job training & resume help, self development tools, and housing assistance in multiple communities that support youth & women that may have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, bullying, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harrassment, trafficking, suicide, ptsd, and others who may have experienced mental health complexies due to the pandemic. I would love to have you as a part of this magical movement powered by global culture and eco-friendly opportunities of unity.
Be a part of something bigger than all of us!

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Viva la amour

Viva Argentinian steakhouse, you have taken my worries away when it comes to finding family. 💯 I feel like I have found my home and safe...

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1200 Fourth Street, Unit 1162, Key West, 33040



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Upcoming Events

  • Goddess of the Tropic Tasting Tour
    Goddess of the Tropic Tasting Tour
    Fri, Oct 27
    Locations are secret & invite only
    Oct 27, 2023, 9:30 PM – Dec 07, 2023, 12:30 AM
    Locations are secret & invite only
    Oct 27, 2023, 9:30 PM – Dec 07, 2023, 12:30 AM
    Locations are secret & invite only
    We will throw glitter all over the town as we dance to the island vibes, sip some signature cocktails, taste some tropical foods, and enjoy a one of a kind burlesque show you don’t want to miss!
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